Thursday, December 9, 2021

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 3

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division was loaded with talent. Here’s our  look last at the top performers. 

Tip Off Classic 8th Grade Orange Division Top Performers Part 3 

Jalen Grant Guard (PSA Cardinals)- Grant is the next level floor general that keeps his team engaged in the game. He is a tough crafty guard that is good at running the show. He has a consistent jumper that he knocks down with ease. Jalen can also get anywhere he wants to the court. He has very good body control and is an excellent finisher at the rim.

AJ Williams Forward (PSA Cardinals)- Williams is a tough 6”7 wing forward that is a silky smooth player. He is a very good slasher that can finish through contact. He gets to the foul line consistently because he knows how to play through contact. His upside is tremendous.

Imarhi Wooten Guard (PSA Cardinals)- Wooten is a good shooter that knocks down open shots. He is a very high energy player that is a tenacious defender. He is also a very good rebounder at 6’4. We like the energy that he plays with and the level of intensity that he plays with on the court. He tallied 21 points in loss to the PSA Cardinals.

Hassan Kouneissi Forward (PSA Cardinals)- Hassan is very athletic and finishes around the rim. He is a menace on defense that keeps the pressure on the offensive player. He has the ability to knock down open shots when he is in a good rhythm.

Jebron Harris Forward (PSA Cardinals)- Harris is a big body player that is a great rebounder and finisher around the rim. He is a natural passer that makes it easy for his teammates to score. He rebounds the ball on the offensive side of the ball at an elite level.

Josiah Hutson Guard (DPS Success)-  Hutson is a lead guard that finishes well around the rim. He attacks rim on every play and defense could not figure him out. Josiah has a crafty handle that helps him get to anywhere on the floor he wants. He has a nice floater in his bag of moves that he kept hitting. He also led his team to a nice win over the PSA Cardinals.

Jordan Dill Guard (DPS Success)- Dill is an ideal lead guard. He has a strong frame that enables him to play through contact and finish at the rim. He plays at all three levels and keeps the pressure on the defense.