Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Entry #4

Christian Bliss

Hello Basketball Spotlight world,  

It’s Christian Bliss again and here’s how my week went. 

Monday- I got some good sleep there wasn’t school today so I got to enjoy myself. I got ready ate some breakfast and got a haircut. Then, I went to the New York sports club for an hour or so because I knew I was going to miss my strength and conditioning trainer today. The Yankees were playing today at home so me and my brother went to see them play. It was disappointing that we left after 7 innings, we are always the fans to leave when the game is over no matter what the score is. But they were down over 10 runs at that point and I had to get back to Long Island before the school week starts. 

Tuesday- School was good I had a couple of tests I think I did well on. When I got out of school I went a got some Chipotle then went back to my school to watch Dante play football. When the game finished I got home and did some homework got something to eat and was out to open gym at the high school. My hip had been hurting for a long time already and I tried to play through but I couldn’t. I have to taking stretching more serious now that I’m taking a lot more contact going against bigger and stronger kids. 

Wednesday- School was good it felt so quick and had my better schedule today. When I got home from school I had my strength and conditioning trainer. I didn’t want to work on hips so today was everything from the waist up. We got in great work, his workouts are the hardest workouts I go through all year. By the first 10 minutes I’m already feeling it and from there it only gets harder as it goes on. After practice, I wasn’t going to do too much so I didn’t go to open run today. I relaxed and did my homework because I have a lot due tomorrow. I am ready for school tomorrow and can’t wait to go to the A Boogie concert tomorrow. 

Thursday- I was excited to go to the A Boogie concert today during school the whole day. When I got out of school, I was just waiting to leave later to the concert. It was only about 20 minutes away from the house, so it wasn’t so bad. It was an amazing night, getting to watch my favorite artist. I can’t wait to go to another concert. The only thing was when the concert was over it was so late so by the time I got home and went to sleep it was around 1 in the morning. 

Friday- School went by very quickly and couldn’t look forward to the weekend. When I got home from school I took a nap for an hour or so. When I woke up I went outside and get shots up for a hour. Then I went to La fitness and was there for 2 hours. I did a little of everything today; legs, arms, core and even did the treadmill which I usually don’t do too much. I went to the court to for a little and did some ball handling and got more shots up. I am focusing on still being able to play my game no matter how tired I am. 

Saturday- I woke up around 11 ate some breakfast got ready and was heading to my teammate Louis football game. I give him a lot of respect for playing varsity as a freshman and going right at them. Then I went to another local school’s homecoming football game for a little. When I got back home I took a nap before I went to the team practice. Today was a good practice we ran over sets, did some situational plays and got some shots up. I like how the team is looking this year, I think we are missing one more piece another big man to give us a little more help on the boards. After practice, I had dinner with my mom at one of my favorite places. 

Sunday- I woke up bright and early and went with my brother to the gym and got some work in. After, I left to my game in Harlem, the we won by over 60. The competition in the tournament isn’t good but we are getting some run-in just build chemistry with new players. After the game ended, I got something quickly to eat and went to play some football with friends for a little. I left from there to a mall near my house and get some long pants and sweaters. I left to Long Island at around 9 and was ready to go back to school.

See You Guys Next Week.
Christian Bliss