Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Christian Bliss (Flushing, NY) Entry #3

Christian and Lebron

Hello BBall Spotlight World, 

It’s Christian Bliss and here’s how my week went. 

Monday- I wasn’t so excited to go back to school for another whole week but I was looking forward to my workout all day. After school finished I got home and went right to my strength and conditioning trainer. This was definitely a tougher workout than normal because my hip was hurting a lot. But I wanted to work through that because I know when it is a game situation I want to try my best and stay in. I prepare for any situation possible when I am in the gym. After that I got home and had a lot of homework. When I finished that I rested and was ready for tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday- I had a long day at school having a lot of work and a couple of tests. When I finished school, I got something to eat and went right back to my school. I was supporting my schools football team and especially my boy Dante. He had a receiving touchdown and the team won. When I got home, I did homework quickly for about 30 minutes and then straight to open gym. Today I felt good playing because my body isn’t as sore as it will be tomorrow. I am excited for the season to start and can’t wait to get on the court with my teammates. 

Wednesday- School went by quickly and wasn’t so much today. When I got home, I had light food and was out to the gym. I had strength and conditioning workout today like every Monday and Wednesday. But this time I was there for the longest. I went there for 2 and a half hours but it felt like I was there forever. Definitely the best workout I had since the summer ended. Today we did a lot of hand eye coordination, core work and did a lot of upper body strength. When I got home, I quickly changed into new clothes got my homework organized and was out to open gym. I already felt sore after the long workout but at least thought I would be able to run up and down. Once I got to open gym, I realized I wasn’t able to and wasn’t able to play my game. But that’s something I have to work at when I feel sore to still be able to hit shots and be effective. When I got home I took a shower, and realized today was the wild card game for the Yankees. I was so happy they won, me and my brother are going to go watch them play Red Sox. 

Thursday- School was good I had extended advisory which made the day feel like it went by quicker. When I got home I was tired so I just chilled on the bed and then did homework until I left to LA fitness. At La fitness I got some shots up but mostly worked on my core and legs. I did leg press with a little weight but many reps. And then I did the opposite for my core only about 15 reps 3 sets for each machine but a lot of weight. When I got home I had a dinner; salmon, broccoli and yellow rice. Then I took a shower and went to sleep, I needed to be ready for school tomorrow morning. 

Friday- Always looking Friday at 2:40 because I’m done with school for the week. After school I got home and I was tired so I took a two-hour nap. Then when I woke up I went outside with Dante and got some shots up on his hoop. He has a nice NBA size half court outside, so I can always go out there and put of shots. Then we went to our Rens game locally in Long Island just to get some chemistry in before the season. To say the least it was a blowout and we won by 60 scoring over a 100 points. It was fun playing with the squad in a game it’s felt like forever. 

Saturday- I had two games today one in Long Island and the other in the Bronx. The first game was in the same tournament as last night and the tournament let us play JV high school because the competition was very weak. But the competition was still weak, so we won that one easily by 30. Then we went up the Bronx right after and played another game this game was better. I played well, I caught a nice jelly and-one and set up my teammates as usual. Then after that I got home and my brother and I went to go eat dinner before we got back home to watch the Yankees game. 

Sunday- I woke up went and got some of my favorite breakfast from a dinner that my dad went to when he was growing up. Then after when I got home I went a got a cut with my brother. Once I got home I took a quick shower and was ready to leave to my game, I had a semifinal and then championship game. I played well in both games, my shot was falling today. The first game we played was within ten points the entire game and we were able to pull it off. The championship game wasn’t a close game from the jump we came out with high energy and blew the other team out. I am happy that there is no school tomorrow so I can rest and get up some shots.