Friday, September 15, 2017

One On One Feat: DJ Wagner

DJ Wagner

Having a legendary father that played basketball is something that some young players have to deal with but in DJ Wagner’s case he has a grandfather to also add in the mix. Milt Wagner was a legend at Camden High School, Louisville University and played in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dajuan Wagner Sr. shattered all his dad records at Camden High before a one and done stint at the University of Memphis before being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Basketball Spotlight sat down with young DJ Wagner to ask him some questions. 

One On One Feat: DJ Wagner 

BS: Who is your favorite player and why? 
DJW: My father and grandpop, they both had heart and played the game like killers. 

BS: What’s the strongest aspect of your game? 
DJW: The way I attack! 

BS: What aspect of your game needs the most improvement? 
DJW: My jump shot! 

BS: What’s your fondest basketball moment? 
DJW: Playing in Kentucky! 

BS: What is your dream college? 
DJW: I don’t have one I just want to make it to college. 

BS: Who was the toughest opponent you ever faced? 
DJW: Elijah Hardy because he was a guard with size and handle which is tough to guard at times. 

BS: How do you deal with the pressure of being ranked so high in your class? 
DJW: I like it because it makes me work harder. 

BS: If you could have dinner with one person, whom would it be and why? 
DJW: Russell Westbrook because I think he’s a good guy off the court. 

BS: Give me one word to describe your game. 
DJW: Scorer!