Monday, September 25, 2017

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Gavin Murphy

Gavin Murphy

Gavin Murphy returned to the Future Phenom Camp from Connecticut to prove he improved from the year before. The pure shooter showed other facets of his game while finishing ranked #16 in the camp and making an appearance in the AGame All American Game. Check out what he said about the Future Phenom Camp. 

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Gavin Murphy 

BS: What was your mindset coming into the camp? 
GM: I wanted to do well. Had a good national tournament and CP3 camp and wanted to prove that I got better from the previous year. 

BS: How did you like the drill session? 
GM: I liked it, and thought the aggressiveness and intensity of the drills were really good. Some of the drills we now do when we work out at home. 

BS: Who was the best player you faced at the Future Phenom Camp? 
GM: I thought Franklin Etoh was really good. 

BS: What was your favorite aspect of the camp? 
GM: The competition and the games! 

BS: How does the Future Phenom Camp stack up against other camps you have attended? 
GM: I thought the camp had the best competition I had seen. Equal to CP3 and John Lucas. I thought the camp was equal to the best around. 

BS: Give me one word to describe the Future Phenom Camp. 
GM: Competition!