Monday, September 11, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 7th Grade Top Performers Part 4

Rashad Locke-Hicks

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 displayed some of the top players in America. Here’s the fourth look at our top performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 7th Grade Top Performers Part 4 

Rashad Locke-Hicks Guard (Pennsylvania)- One of the quickest guards in this event. Locke-Hicks gets end to end in a blur. When he’s going hard right if you can’t slow him down chances are a bucket will be scored. He puts tremendous pressure on the defense while also locking down on the other end of the floor. He helped his team take home the title.

Brian Dawkins Guard (Pennsylvania)- Another one of those tough Philly guards. Dawkins is cat quick and explodes to the hole. He’s a demon in the transition game and will be a point guard we need to keep an eye on. On the defensive end, he’s known to be able to lock down.
Michael Zaire Paris Guard (Pennsylvania)- The power guard is built like a linebacker and punishes defenders with his frame. When he’s attacking the cup especially in transition not many defenders want to get in his way. He finishes well in traffic and rebounds good for his size.
Quint Booker Guard (Maryland)- I loved watching this lefty catch and shoot. He drifted to the corner and displayed a nice stroke. If he was overplayed he got into the mid-range area and made things happen. He was definitely a kid wired to score and wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger at any time and from any place.
Ralsean Jones Guard (New York)- I loved how hard this kid got it in on both ends of the floor. Offensively, He was able to make plays by driving the lane, scoring in traffic and hitting the outside shots. On defense, he really showed his toughness by guarding the rock 94 feet and playing the passing lanes trying to get steals. He really stepped up to the plate.
Justin Bonsu Guard (New York)- Bonsu is a point guard that loves showing off his court vision and decision making. He’s crafty in terms of breaking down defenders and finishing off plays. He keeps top scorers around him very happy.
Jalen Sams Guard (New Jersey)- This kid has a mean stroke and knows how to use it. He can hit it from deep or from the mid-range area. He also can make some plays off the bounce and seems to have several more inches left in his frame. He could be a super late bloomer.