Friday, September 22, 2017

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Anthony Saunders

Anthony Saunders

Anthony Saunders has been attending the Future Phenom Camp for a few years and seem to getting better each trip. The floor general once again proved he was among the best in the country as he finished ranked #3 and made an appearance in the AGame All American Game. We sat down with the Maryland lad to get his take on the Future Phenom Camp. 

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Anthony Saunders 

BS: What was your mindset coming into the camp? 
AS: My mindset is to get focused, not to come there to play around and get in my game mode because this is a big deal for me. 

BS: How did you like the drill session? 
AS: The drill session was good. I wanted to do more shooting but still had fun, the 1 on 1 drill and the defensive drill we did with the really large ball were my favorite drills. 

BS: Who was the best player you faced at the Future Phenom Camp? 
AS: Travis Upchurch. Because every time I play against him it’s a battle, last year and this year! It’s like we play hard at each other to earn our respect. 

BS: What was your favorite aspect of the camp? 
AS: The games are my favorite part because you get to show off your talent and prove people wrong. 

BS: How does the Future Phenom Camp stack up against other camps you have attended? 
AS: I think people take Future Phenom camp MORE serious than the other showcase camps because when I see the competition I more familiar faces from AAU tournaments and the players are better overall compared to other camps I've been to. 

BS: Give me one word to describe the Future Phenom Camp. 
AS: Competitive!