Thursday, September 14, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Blake Harper 

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Division gave us a look at some up and coming talent. Here’s Part 2 of our Top Performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Blake Harper Guard (Maryland)- This young fella reminded up a young Mark Jackson. He wasn’t the quickest guard in the building but his craftiness and basketball IQ stood out. His hesitation dribbles and change of direction make it difficult for defenders to keep him in front. He also has top notch court vision and the knack to score the rock.

Anthony Saunders Guard (Maryland) – This do it all guard plays with a chip on his shoulder. He is always playing hard with his motor turned all the way up on both ends of the floor. Saunders is very skilled and he can score from all three levels. We like his leadership, high basketball IQ and feel for the game. He is the ultimate competitor that will do anything to help his team win.
Donavan Freeman Forward (Maryland) – Freeman is a long big that does a lot of nice things on the court. He has a soft touch around the rim and he can handle the ball when he gets it in space. We also like that he is unselfish as he showed his ability to pass the ball and find the open man when he got double teamed or he just thought someone else had a better shot.
A.J. Swinton Forward (Maryland) – Swinton is all arms and legs right now so we project him to grow a whole lot. He is more of a prospect right now versus a finished product and he is further along defensively than offensively which is usually the normal progression with bigger kids in this age group. A.J. blocks a lot of shots and he attacks the defender contesting everything showing great activity and a high motor.
Tyrik Pettway Guard (Maryland) – Tyrik is a strong compact guard that has flair to his game. He uses his nice handle to get to his spots on the floor where he can make a play or pushes the rock hard in transition trying to create numbers for his team leading to easy buckets. Pettway is a good passer getting his teammates involved but he also can score the ball. He made a nice play where he made a ball fake, then spun and dropped off a nifty pass to his teammate for an easy basket.

Adam Williams Guard (Ohio) – Williams is a player that is always going north and south which is what you want. He puts pressure on the defense trying to get the ball to the rim. We saw him grab a rebound and take it coast to coast for the finish. We like his ability to rebound his position and play solid defense.

Nathan Townsend Guard (Pennsylvania) – In today’s game you need long range shooters to space the floor and Nathan was that guy on his team. He has a nice stroke form behind the 3 point line as we saw him knock down some in the game we watched. He also has the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper and convert from the FT line when he gets fouled.
Umar Sabree Guard (Pennsylvania)- Good luck trying to stay in front of this guard. He has some speed and wiggle in his dribble. Once he has a defender back peddling he has them at his mercy. He can score the rock with the best of them.