Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Travis UpChurch

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Division gave us a look at some up and coming talent. Here’s Part 1 of our Top Performers.   

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Travis Upchurch Guard (Connecticut) – Upchurch led his team to the championship and he was a close 2nd in the MVP voting for the age group. He is a nice size scoring guard with long arms that plays with another gear. He attacks the basket and finishes with either hand using his ball handling to get to his scoring spots on the floor. Travis also rebounds his position well and has the ability to be a lock down defender.

Samir Thomas Guard (New Jersey) – Thomas is a big guard that attacks the basket in a way that no one wants to get in his way. He also has a nice shooting stoke from deep as we saw him knock down multiple three pointers in the game we watched. Being a Top 5 player in an event like the Future Phenom Camp is tough but Thomas answered the challenge.
Carlos Rodriquez Guard (New York) – Carlos was balling in Boyds, MD. He is a big PG that can facilitate for his teammates or score the ball himself. We like the pace he plays at along with his nice handle and passing ability. He is a competitor that is trying to make sure his team wins the game. We saw him make nifty drop off bounce passes and he made a few moves going to the basket looking to score that made us say he is a top tier guard.
Tarik Watson Forward (New York) – Watson is a long athletic big that can score with his back to the basket. We saw him finish with a baby hook over his right shoulder and also use a power dribble to get him to the basket and finish through contact. Tarik also has a good feel for the game as he understands when the double team comes to the post that someone is open and he is a willing passer able to find that guy for an open shot.
Tyrin Bizzelle Guard (Maryland) – Bizzelle is no stranger to the Future Phenom Camp as he has been a top performer for many years. He is a quick lefty point guard that has a nice handle allowing him to maneuver through the defense. He takes what the defense gives him and seems to usually make the right play. He has a very nice mid-range pull up off the dribble which we feel is a must to be a good PG in today’s game.
Bryson Brown Guard (New York)– Bryson is a PG that likes to get into the paint and break the defense down. Two good examples were when he attacked the paint and kicked it out to an open shooter on the perimeter and then the next time he finished at the rim with a soft floater over the defense. His play garnered him a spot in the AGame All American Game and a Top 15 ranking in the camp.
Alex Massung Guard (New Jersey) – Massung brought it on both ends of the floor. We saw him attack the rack and finish with the nice layup and then next time when attacking he pulled out his floater game showing off his nice touch. On the defensive end he collected multiple steals taking it the other way for easy buckets. He was a Top 20 performer in the event.
Anson Beard Guard (New York) – Beard is a crafty guard that has a high IQ. He knows that getting into the paint breaks down the defense and he will either drive and kick to an open shooter or use his dribbling skills to get to the basket and finish himself. We saw him hit a defender with a nice under control euro step finishing with confidence.