Monday, September 18, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Jayden "JP" Pierre (Roselle, NJ) Entry #1

Jayden Pierre 

Hello BballSpotlight World, It's Jayden "JP" Pierre from New Jersey, I would like to start off by thanking Basketball Spotlight for selecting, and giving me this opportunity to share with you guys my "Diary of a Baller". I'm 14 years old and just started my 8th grade year at The Patrick School located in Hillside, New Jersey. I currently play AAU basketball with Team Rio National. Things that I truly care about are family, friends, school, and basketball. Off the court, if I'm not studying or doing homework, or being bothered by my little brother Jayce, I'm on that 2k18. Basketball has taken me on many adventures, and so many different places, I've made a lot of new friends. 

I started playing basketball at age eight which nowadays would be considered a late beginning. My first love was football which I started playing at age five. I remember when I was seven years old and my dad took me to a basketball travel team tryout in Roselle, NJ. I was a 2nd Grader and this was a 3rd Grade tryout. Before we arrived in the gym we saw the Roselle track team practicing in the hall way. Once we entered the gym I saw everyone in the gym was bigger and older than me. Once I got on the court I ran hard and hustled which came natural because of football. But truthfully I sucked at basketball. I was so bad when we left the gym my dad informed me that I would now be on the track team. I ended up being the fastest kid on the track team for the 100 meters race. 

The following summer I tried out for the 4th Grade team as a 3rd Grader. I made the team. I got little minutes but I was getting better. At the conclusion of the season they selected the All Star and my name wasn’t on the list. I told my dad that I was determined to make the All Star that next season. To get ready I stopped playing football and running track. I then spent all my time in the working on my game and better. The following I was one of the key players as a 4th grader on the 5th Grade team and made the All Star squad. Since then I became a dedicated gym rat. That same year my dad was so proud of me he took me to an AAU tryout. Not only did I make the team but I was the starting point guard. Through hard work and God blessings, I have been able to hold my own on the AAU circuit. 

Basketball Spotlight has always provided a platform for me to display my talent. I’m grateful they are allowing me to share life experiences and what my weekly routine consist of. God bless and see you guys next week.   

Jayden "JP" Pierre signing off.........follow me on IG: @Jayden_JP_Pierre