Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Christian Bliss

Christian Bliss

Christian Bliss took home 6th Grade Player Of The Year Award this season but that still didn’t stop him from playing with hunger at the Future Phenom Camp. Instead the NYC guard stepped his game up to another level. He finished ranked #2 in the camp and appeared in the AGame All American Game. Here’s what he had to say about the Future Phenom Camp. 

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Christian Bliss 

BS: What was your mindset coming into the camp? 
CB: My mindset coming into camp was to kill everyone in front of me no matter who I was playing against. 

BS: How did you like the drill session? 
CB: The drill session was challenging, the coaches challenged me to really push myself to get better and I really enjoyed that. 

BS: Who was the best player you faced at the Future Phenom Camp? 
CB: The best player I faced in future phenom camp was Elijah Fisher. 

BS: What was your favorite aspect of the camp? 
CB: My favorite aspect of camp was showcasing my talent during the games and getting to play against some of the top players in the country who I don't get to play against much during the AAU season. 

BS: How does the Future Phenom Camp stack up against other camps you have attended? 
CB: Personally, the Future Phenom Camp is my favorite camp compared to all the other camps that I've been to. 

BS: Give me one word to describe the Future Phenom Camp. 
CB: One word to describe the Future Phenom Camp is litt.