Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Did We Learn At The Future Phenom Camp?

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp is in the books but we can’t walk away without letting you know some of the interesting things we learned in District Heights, Maryland. Here’s what we learned at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. 

What Did We Learn At The Future Phenom Camp?

Class of 2022 #1 Player In The Country Debate Heats Up! 

One of the most interesting developments at the Future Phenom Camp was the Class of 2022 race for the #1 Player in the country. Emoni Bates (Michigan) displayed some of the play and flashes of potential that has many scouts around the country mouth’s watering. When you add in his size things can get really ugly for the opposition. Jaden Bradley (North Carolina) entered the camp with a chip on his shoulder and showed it in his play. He left the camp with some believing he has the total package to be #1 in the land. And finally if your ranking system weighs heavily on the NOW factor then Dee Morton (Georgia) could be your guy as he dominated this event from beginning to end. Who will be #1 on our list? Wait and see in a couple of weeks.

Class of 2021 Screams Guards R US! 

One of the most entertaining aspects of this event was watching the 8th Grade guards do battle. Every court you went to have some serious match ups featuring well known ballers Ryan Conway (Maryland), Carter Whitt (North Carolina), Jayden Brown (New Jersey), Shane Dezonie (Pennsylvania), Brayon Freeman (Washington, DC) and Juan Reyan (Texas). We also had some sleepers that used this stage as their coming out party such as Rasool Diggins (Pennsylvania), Marcus Dyers (New York), Max Regusa (New York) and Wilfredo Amaro (Texas). AAU coaches around the country shouldn’t have any trouble finding guard play this summer because this class is deep at the position.

First State Stacking Baby Ballers! 

Delaware’s basketball future seems intact as they flooded the Future Phenom Camp with Baby Ballers. In the Class of 2023 they feature the twins Bryce and Tyler Flowers whom both are spectacular guards and also Shaun Chandler that made the Top 20 Game after having a strong showing. In the 5th Grade Class they had guard Mekhi Caldwell that has the game and moxie we love while also introducing us to hard-nosed guard Kareem Thomas who doesn’t back down from no one. Last but certainly not least was forward Amir Williams who seems to have tons of potential. We look forward to watching these guys the next few years.

Future Phenom Camp Nations Best Event! 

After letting the weekend sink in it became apparent that the Future Phenom Camp might be the best camp in the country. When you have the kick off (Middle School American Games), hottest uniforms (AGame Apparel), several media outlets (Buckeye Prep, P2BBall, Get Me Recruited, Youth 1, MSHTV etc), top instruction and the absolute best talent in the country. There’s no other event that can offer these types attributes in one place at one time. This was truly our most memorable camp in terms of everything coming together at the right time. This has Basketball Spotlight looking forward to the 4th Annual Future Phenom Camp August 26th and 27th.