Monday, September 19, 2016

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Class of 2023 Top Performers

Dailyn Swain (Ohio)

Basketball Spotlight took a trip to Columbus, Ohio for the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. Here’s a look at the Class of 2023 top performers. 

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Class of 2023 Top Performers 

Dailyn Swain Guard (Ohio)- Swain caught my eye after being a scoring machine on the floor. He nailed a couple of open treys then showed off his mid-range pull up game. He also displayed how to make plays from the lead guard position with by driving and dishing the rock. He made a great first impression with us. 

Desh Molton Guard (Ohio)- Molton continued his hot camp circuit march with some great play. Not many plays with his passion and enthusiasm especially when it comes to passing the rock. He’s a throwback in terms if that because he actually gets a kick out of dropping dimes. Which is very rare nowadays. 

Michael Greenlee Guard (Ohio)- Burst of energy, this kid played at full speed on both ends of the floor. But he’s not just an energy player but he created moves off the dribble and can score when giving the chance. His ability to play both ends and his play making will make him a commodity in the future. 

Jayvion Moore Forward (Ohio)- Moore was the biggest player in the game but he still showed he could handle the rock and shot it from the perimeter. You have to like his size especially when you see he has more inches to grow. I like what I saw out of him on the floor today. 

Cody Head Forward (Ohio)- Head has a football build but he has a natural feel for the game and moves well. Once he grows a few inches I see him becoming a nice wing player. It’s something about this kid that tells me he’s not close to his ceiling. 

Paul Woodard Guard (Ohio)- I can see that Woodard was taught to run a team. He made sure the rock was shared on the perimeter and hit the open jumper when the ball is rotated. He was one of the quicker guards in the building. 

Nick Williams Guard (Ohio)- Williams was one of the best on ball defenders I saw in the Class of 2023. He need only forced turnovers from ball handlers but also played the passing lane very well. His quickness also translated on the offensive end as he was a proven slasher to the cup. 

DJ Dormu Guard (Maryland)- Dormu is a physical guard that looks to get to the rim to score. He has some quickness when the rock is in his hands. Now he needs to pick his spots a little better and develop a little change of direction. But you have to love his aggressiveness and killer instinct. 

Dresean Roberts Guard (Ohio)- Roberts is wired to score and he does it with ease especially on this level. He was a definite problem in transition as back peddling defenders had no answer for him. He also was strong enough to absorb contact before finishing off buckets.