Sunday, September 18, 2016

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Class of 2021 Top Performers Part 2

Jaden Rogers (Kentucky)

Basketball Spotlight took a trip to Columbus, Ohio for the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. Here’s a look the Part 2 of the top performers from the Class of 2021. 

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Class of 2021 Top Performers Part 2 

Jaden Rogers Guard (Kentucky)- Rogers took a little time to get going but when he clicked he looked very good. He surveys the floor well even in transition. The defense couldn’t find a way to speed him up or force him to turn the rock over. He’s not only a get passer but also a legit finisher especially when he avoids shot blockers. His style of play reminds me of a young Tyler Ennis. 

Zion Harmon Guard (Kentucky)- “The Lion” made an appearance while playing in the high school division. His body is chiseled and he used it to get anywhere on the floor while displaying deep and accurate range. He penetrates when he wants and will drop an occasional dime. He spent the summer playing on the 17U level and you can see the maturity in his game. He plays the game at a different pace and effectiveness than most of his peers. 

Darius Washington Forward (Kentucky)- Washington’s upside is as good as anyone in this event. I like his size and touch when shooting the face up jumper. He was a monster on the glass and is a capable shot blocker. Once he begins putting it on the deck and creating plays for himself his stock will rise even higher. 

Brent Walker Forward (Ohio)- When you watch Walker you have to think of Bo Outlaw. Walker isn’t polished with offensively but he makes up for it by playing with a high motor. He attacks the glass like a mad man and blocks everything in sight. He runs the floor well for a big guy. He will be an ideal weak side rebounder for any high school program. 

Jaden Hawkins Guard (Ohio)- Hawkins started the game looking for his shot from behind the arc. It wasn’t falling at first but that didn’t halt his confidence. He has enough moves to create a clean look off the bounce. His shot release is a little low right now but that should change as he gets stronger. 

Omar Abuhamden Guard (Ohio)- Omar was a consistent play maker and scorer all afternoon. He has more substance than flash in his game. His low dribble style helps him get past defenders before he uses a floater or kicks to a shooter. He’s also very efficient in the open floor.  

Jalen Dial Guard (Ohio)- Dial stepped his game up when they played Kentucky. He handles the rock at the point position but looks to score. He used his running back frame to bust through the defense and finish at the tin. He knows his way around the floor.