Monday, September 19, 2016

Diary Of A Baller: Trey Patterson (Somerset, NJ) Entry #1

Trey Patterson 

Hello Basketball World, 

My name is Trey Patterson, and I would like to welcome you to my first entry of, ‘Diary of a Baller.’ I’m very thrilled to have this opportunity to let you guys into my life on a weekly basis and the things I do daily to evolve as a basketball player, person, and a student. 

I am from Somerset, NJ, I have lived in New Jersey all of my life, currently I am in the 8th grade and I attend Rutgers Preparatory School. As the summer began to wind down, I was looking forward to attending the Middle School All American game/ Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp weekend, however, the week before, I pulled my groin at a workout preparing for this final event of the summer and wasn’t able to attend. Even though I was injured, I was still able to work on stationary ball handling drills, so that I didn’t lose my touch of the game while I was injured. I also attended physical therapy 3 times a week to help speed up my recovery process. After about 2 weeks I fully recovered from my injury and now I am completely healthy. 

The new school year just recently began, and so far its going pretty well for me, I like all my new teachers. At my school, we have to participate in a fall sport, so I decided to run cross country again this year. I ran cross country for the first time last school year and really took a liking to it. I’m one of the top runners on my team and I really enjoy participating in cross country because while I’m expanding my lung capacity and increasing my stamina, it also prepares me for basketball season. My first meet is this Tuesday against Gill St. Bernards and I’m really excited for it. 

This was just a little synopsis of what the last couple of weeks were like for me, I plan on continuing to inform you guys about the upcoming weeks in my diary. Until next time folks! 

Trey Patterson signing off… 

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