Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gunning For #1: Lone Star State's LeBlanc Bringing His Game To The Future Phenom Camp!

Isaiah LeBlanc (Texas)

A lot of big time talent has been coming out of Texas recently at the college and pro level; Leblanc is another example of the Texas machine. Isaiah has all the physical tools, a diverse skill set that allows him to be a multi-category contributor, and the genetic pipeline that will have him playing two-levels at the division one level. Leblanc plays the game the right way, has solid mechanics, and is dedicated to the process of improving. He will hurt you from all three levels and is his very best when the pressure and the stakes are at its highest. Pressure burst pipes but it also makes diamonds and Leblanc is no cubic zirconia he is a real true VS rated player and he will be shining for the world to see come August 22nd and 23rd. When Leblanc steps into the gym the scouts immediately check out Leblanc’s cut, clarity, color, and carat if you can handle him watch your value expand nationally exponentially. 

Isaiah shoots well enough to space the court, passes well enough to make defenses pay for helping on penetration or close outs. He finds gaps off penetration and can stop and pop or use the floater game to finish. Big enough to guard multiple positions he is dedicated equally on both sides of the ball. An excellent rebounder who can fit into any system and help a team win – very complete player who still continues to develop additional facets to his game. If you love basketball you will love Isaiah LeBlanc if want to play against the best you will be at Spotlights Future Phenom Camp.