Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gunning For #1: Keels Will Be On Their Heels At Future Phenom Camp!

Trevor Keels (Maryland)

The Swiss army knife of the 2021 class, Keels can play face forward and with his back to the basket. He can post you and break your press, he can facilitate and he can finish. He is a full buffet of talent and impacts the game positively every time he takes the floor; and he can change the game without scoring a single bucket yet he has the talent to drop a 20-spot on you real quick. Possessing great size, and diverse set of skills – if you don’t respect him he will find you and he will “kill you”; the name has been has been under the radar for some time but no more. Trevor’s time is now and he’s prepared for the target being on his back and he is prepared for the Spotlight – but keep in mind he will have a target on the competition too, so step lively keep your eye open cause he has a certain set of skills that will have you guessing where he will come from next. 

More of a natural small forward he is a skilled enough that can play all three perimeter positions. He is a great passer with excellent court vision and is a good decision maker and is probably best playing a 'point forward' position where he is a match up problem that no team or player can solve. Wonderful mechanics and willingness to rebound and play both ends of the court ensure he contributes and looks good each time out. He will be there this year not to make a name but to scratch a few off only show up if you can handle the truth because Keel is nothing but.