Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gunning For #1: Isaiah Kennedy Representing Ohio At Future Phenom Camp!

Isaiah Kennedy (Ohio)

Peel back the skin and you will see that this kid has wires inside, he is a workout warrior and a machine that has been programmed to seek and destroy; Kennedy has a great feel for the game and can be counted to be a coach on the floor. A General who takes orders, gives orders, and makes such that the mission get accomplished. A shooter who shoots the same shot every time can knock it down from anywhere. A great frame and strong body allows him to not be knocked off course and get to anywhere he want to on the floor is also one of his best assets when attacking the paint and the basket – he finishes what he starts and does so with class personified as he respects the game and is a student of it. He comes to the Spotlight planning on teaching some folks a few things and move to the head of the 2020 class literally; if study long you will study wrong come prepared for the Kennedy test because he will be looking to fail anyone who steps into his classroom. 

Ultra-strong athlete who is diligent in affecting the game with his assertiveness and IQ – great strength, quickness, and an all-out all the time motor makes him a maven on the both ends. He pushes the ball well in transition, kicks out passes in a timely manner, and he scores it well from all levels and has a creative finishing package which includes pull-ups and floaters. Coming from the Midwest the rumor is that a chip has developed on his shoulder and he has something major to prove to himself and the rest of the country.