Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gunning For #1: Nevada's Anderson Returns To Future Phenom Camp!

Tommy Anderson (Las Vegas)

The West Coast scoring machine has been making big noise on the left coast for a while but has brought the raucous to the rest of the nation going on a tour that has made him a name that requires national attention. He heats up real quick, and has some old-school vinny Johnson like scoring exploits and plays the game frankly in a similar style. Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp played host to Anderson coming out party last year and the combo guard has every plan on coming back to continue his assault on the national ranking board. This is a player who wants to compete against the best and welcomes every match-up; whoever can handle one of the best in the west the Spotlight has opening for that position – only qualified applicants need apply. 

Anderson is extremely comfortable anywhere on the floor and can handle scoring or ball distribution responsibilities. He is able to work off the block as a back to the basket guy and knows already how to utilize pin downs and isolations. A bigtime scorer more so than a shooter, which he does well also, we love the scoring efficiency he work with while still being a willing passer. That wanting a top spot in the class of 2020, the road goes though Vegas; are you ready for the gamble? Because what happens at the Spotlight isn’t a secret its national news – if you come, come ready cause Nevada’s Tommy Anderson Aka TA “Baracus” he won’t “Pitty the Fool” .