Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Warz 7th Grade Best Of The Best And All Tournament Team

The 7th Grade Division of the Basketball Spotlight Winter Warz was exciting end to end. Here’s the Best Of The Best and All Tournament Team from the event. 

Winter Warz 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Elijah Everett (KSK) 
Everett delivered for his team at the correct time. He proved to be more of a problem as the tournament progressed. His stock definitely picked up steam. 

Best Scorer: Zion Bethea (KSK) 
Bethea showed he could score from any kind of circumstances. It seems to be natural for him to put the ball in the hole. 

Best Floor General: William White (KSK) 
White has fun breaking down defenders at Winter Warz. Once he got into the lane at ease he either finished at the rim or dropped a dime. 

Best Shooter: Jaylen Murray (PSA Cardinals) 
Please don’t leave this kid open or he will make you pay. Murray proved to be very accurate and show deep range. 

Best Impact: Posh Alexander (PSA Cardinals) 
When you see Posh play you can understand how his name appeared here. When Alexander is playing his play causes changes in the defense and usually helps his team. 

Best Inside Presence: Cameron Byers (Terror Squad) 
Byers continued to be a load to handle in the paint. Once he makes his mind up to get the ball in the hole it’s hard to hold him down. 

Best Versatility: Jordan Toles (Terror Squad) 
Toles used speed and athleticism to put in work at this event. He played defense, scored from the perimeter and in traffic. He can guard several positions. 

Winter Warz 7th Grade All Tournament Team 
Elijah Everett (KSK) 
William White (KSK) 
Zion Bethea (KSK) 
Luke Koloja (KSK) 
Jaylen Murray (PSA Cardinals) 
Posh Alexander (PSA Cardinals) 
Jordan Toles (Terror Squad) 
Cameron Byers (Terror Squad) 
AJ Hoggard (Terror Squad) 
Shane Dezonie (Team IZOD) 
Richie Greaves (Team IZOD) 
Qaadir Maneri (Team IZOD) 
Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens)