Thursday, February 26, 2015

Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Top 10 is listed below. Please remember these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team Durant: This proposed combination of Slam City Elite and Annadale Bulldogs has to be considered one of the top teams in the country. We will get our first look at this bunch during the AC Showcase in a few weeks. 

2. New World Unlimited: New World will be looking to get a shot at Team Durant very soon. I don’t have them scheduled for the AC Showcase but that could change at any time. 

3. Philly Triple Threat: PTT crashed the party during Winter Warz by bringing home the crown. Now they will be looking to take over the top spot if they win the AC Showcase. 

4. Team IZOD: Team IZOD fell short at Winter Warz but I think the return of the #2 Player in the Country Trey Patterson might left their chances. 

5. Gauchos: The Choz exploded on the scene with a championship game run during Winter Warz. I like some of the pieces they possess. 

6. Hilltoppers Heat: A final four run at Winter Warz has the Heat aiming at the Top 5. They might get in if they mount a good run in Atlantic City. 

7. B’More Finest: This tough bunch remains in the in the 6th spot but does have a shot to move up. They might make the trip to Atlantic City. 

8. Team Takeover: TTO has a few players that really have us intrigued. They might be following a few of their other teams to Atlantic City. 

9. NY Rens: The Rens are really better than what they showed during Winter Warz. Hopefully they come around and start clicking soon. 

10. Havoc City: HC should be ready to rumble when the AC Showcase rolls around. I see them moving up this ladder quickly.