Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 is listed below. Please remember these rankings are based on our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team Rio National: Rio made their debut at Winter Warz and proved to be too much for the competition as they hammered everyone in sight. They are truly the #1 team in the region. They are expected to return to action at the loaded AC Showcase. 

2. Harlem Jets: The Tip Off Classic champions made it to the finals of Winter Warz and it would surprise me if they didn’t take the trip down to America’s Playground. 

3. DC Premier: They won the Clash in impressive fashion and still haven’t lost a game on the 8th Grade level. They are also slated for the AC Showcase. 

4. New Heights: NH was absent from Winter Warz but still seem like a Top 5 team in the region. We will be waiting to see if they join the loaded field in Atlantic City. 

5. NY Rens: I really feel that the Rens are hungry and due for a championship. I think when they travel to Atlantic City for the Showcase they can get it done. 

6. Play Hard: PH showed they were more than a Blue Division winner as they made a final four run at Winter Warz. They are playing like they belong with the elite in the region. 

7. I 10 Celtics: The Celtics were absent from Winter Warz but seem to be taking care of business out west. 

8. Hilltoppers Heat: HH proved to stay relevant as they made a quarterfinal run during Winter Warz. I can see them lining up with the best at the AC Showcase. 

9. Philly Triple Threat: PTT came to play at Winter Warz and showed why they were highly rated during our pre-season rankings. 

10. Newark Pharaoh: The tough boys from “Brick City” didn’t back down from anyone at Winter Warz. They are a difficult win from any squad facing them.