Friday, July 11, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Hoggard Hungry For Future Phenom Camp!

AJ's Anxious To Eat Competition!

With the camp attendees slowly being announced – we couldn’t keep this a secret any longer, the 2019 point guard class is one that the country is paying special attention to – with national commitment from players such as Marquise Walker and Jeremiah Francis; another unanimous top ranked point guard who appears on every national ranking board has joined the fray. Enter AJ Hoggard possibly the best passing lead guard in the nation; those who can’t appreciate the body of work this young man has put together over the years simply do not know basketball. Hoggard plays the game in fast-forward, seeing and creating opportunities for himself and other 3 movements ahead. Risky? Not with the ball in AJ hands, he makes the impossible look easy as he delivers dimes and ask for change – Hoggard is your proverbial flashlight in a dark alley. 

 The truest type of PG, pass first, pass second, and third. But please understand he gives you a lot more than that, an underrated finisher he contorts his body and spins the pill in ways that can only attributed to many hours with the ball in the gym. An underrated jump shooter, he can space the floor and hurt you if left open. A coach on the floor and coming off a phenomenal performance with USA National Select, Hoggard steps into the Spotlight with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove – this doesn’t bode well for the competition. In what is shaping up to be a very special set of battles within battles August 23rd & 24th will pit the very best against the very best in epic individual showdowns that will be talked about for years to come.

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