Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Future Phenom Camp Seeing Double!

Mitchell Twins

In Superman comics there's a topsy-turvy place known as Bizarro World. Everything works backward there: Good is bad, bad is good, etc. Bizarro World has a lot in common with youth basketball. Many basketball savants often wondered if the two big men, instantly dubbed the "Mitchell Twins," could work together. The answer, thus far, is that they work together like gangbusters. Everyone wants “size” but when the Mitchell Twins stepped into the national spotlight they then questioned if their skill sets could work together – backwards we know, the answer: absolutely!

Mahkel & Makhi have taken the class by storm and have displayed the ability to control games for long stretches. They recently lead their DC Premier team to a Top 10 finish in the country; displaying the strength and determination to finish in the paint, over and through contact - as well; this dynamic duo who each stand 6’7; has also shown the skills to step out on the perimeter and put the ball on the floor while also being able to catch and shoot, work off the bounce, and raise up and shoot over defenders. Their combination length and advanced ball handling and overall skill set at times have overwhelmed opponents; and they both are looking to do more of the same at the Future Phenom Camp.

Longtime attendees of the Basketball Spotlight Tournaments; Mahkel and Makhi will step into Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp as separate entities for the first time; potentially even battling each other for national prominence. One thing is for certain and two things are for sure, the Mitchell twins are relishing the opportunity to show the country their vast and immense skill set. Both play in a very structured system and many have not seen the full scope of what these two high end and versatile elite players can truly do – on August 23rd and 24th everyone will see and opponents will find out first hand all the tools these two possess. 

One national scout stated that “these players have the most pro potential in the class of 2019”; with all top players in attendance the Mitchells twins are looking to place an all out assault the national ranking boards. Can anyone stop them or will we all be witnesses as the Mitchell Twins takeover the 2019 class? This is a situation where it’s better to not come at all if you plan to come soft – if you can handle this type of ball and truly want to play against two of the best in America and more who can also make this claim – be at the Future Phenom Camp; because the Mitchell Twins will be, and they’ll be waiting for you.

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