Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Word On The Street: National Squads Stack Up!

A lot of things are going on around the AAU world right now. So we decided to hit a couple of our sources and bring you another “Word On The Street”. Remember some of this information is from reliable sources including those directly involved.
Bagley Heads To Tennessee?

Word from the south is that Class of 2018 stud Marvin Bagley Jr. has moved from Arizona to Tennessee. According to my source he now attends prep school in Tennessee and will be suiting up with the We All Can Go All Stars. This acquisition might put WACG right back in the mix for a National Title. We will keep you posted as this story develops.
Nowell To New Rens?

News out of New York is that high scoring combo guard Markquis Nowell will be returning from Kentucky to play for New Rens. Nowell will definitely bolster NR’s lineup with his scoring prowess. Distance shouldn’t be a problem as New Rens are known to fly players in when necessary. It will be interesting to see him matchup with his former squad.
Montgomery To Georgia United?

Georgia United finished runner up at the 6th Grade Nationals but might get over the top in Memphis as word is EJ Montgomery has joined the squad. If this is true Montgomery will give the defensive minded GU the offensive punch they need to get the job done. Stay tuned as we bring you more info from this situation.