Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is Damon Harge The Next Sebastian Telfair?

Damon Harge Jr.

Damon Harge Jr. has been a national name for several years. His You Tube videos and success are national camps have many websites ranking him as a Top 10 player in the country. Recently, a few people have compared him to former New York legend and current NBA player Sebastian Telfair. Bassy as he was known was a phenomenal grammar and high school player before becoming a NBA lottery pick. 

James “Shangy” Black, Director of Showtime All Stars who has had the pleasure of coaching both players agrees with the comparison. “I coached and was around Bassy at the same age. Damon reminds me of Bassy because of his work ethic, basketball IQ, court vision, skill level and change of direction” said Black. 

Harge also decided to follow in Telfair footsteps in terms of videoing his path to greatness. Bassy had a documentary entitled “Through The Fire” while Harge has begun his own reality webtube called #ToBeContinued. Hopefully, Harge can reach the heights of the Coney Island great and with hard work it is possible.