Monday, January 21, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #5

Nate Early Years

Hey basketball world. First and foremost I will like to acknowledge the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because without him many things that I enjoy in life wouldn't be possible. I thank you so much! Now I hope you guys enjoyed your week as much as I did. This week was a long week. Let's start with Monday.

Monday was a slow day. Well I won't say a slow day. It was MONDAY! No one feels like waking up to go to school or work (for you adults reading this). It was a fun day after school. Got a great work out and went to sleep. Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday. Sorry you guys. I said long but slow week.

Wednesday was a great day. School was perfect basketball was perfect. We had practice. We had to run so much. After practice I worked out. I was so tired. But if I expect to get better I have to put the work in.

Thursday I woke up groggy. My body was hurting from the day before. School was normal. Then we had to go home to drop Joshua to my dad for his practice. I stayed home with my mom. It was a rest day. Thank goodness. I kind of needed the day.

Friday we had a half day at school. It was fun. We had a bake sale so we can raise money for our 8th grade trip. We still have not decided where to go. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. The day went by quickly. I got a haircut and went home to chill before going back to school for my little brother's game. When I got home I was happy to receive one of my high school acceptance letters. I was very surprised and happy. I was not only accepted but received an academic scholarship. I was proud of myself. I do take pride in being a student- athlete. It is tough though. My number one choice had not come in yet so I was a bit nervous. So I did what most boys my age would do in that situation played 2k for like 3 hours.

Saturday we had to wake up early and go to the breakfast club. I must say I am proud of how many has come out and join in my movement. It was a tough practice. We then had to go to the Jr. Hoop Hall Classic in Springfield Massachusetts for Joshua's games. They won both games and made it to the championship. Shout out To Metro Flyers for doing their thing! Keep it up boys!!!

Sunday I had to go to the IS8 tournament in NYC. We lost our first game. I was not up and ready. We left Massachusetts like 6:30am. I was just messed up during our first game. We did blow the other team out by 30. Joshua lost his championship game in Massachusetts. I was disappointed for them. When I got home my acceptance letter arrived and I was so happy it said "congratulations you have been accepted". So you guys read my week. Hope you enjoy yours.

Deuces Nate is out piece