Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Road To The Grand Finale Point System Update

The Road To The Grand Finale second stop was the MLK Classic. Champions were crowned and teams have collected their first set of points. Remember the top four teams according to points will meet at the Grand Finale Final Four to play for the Spotlight Banner. The next stop is the Clash For The Cup Feb. 2nd and 3rd. 

Grand Finale Point Totals 

8th Grade Teams 
Black Mamba’s- 6 Points 
CBC – 5 Points 
Team Nelson- 5 Points 
PYO- 5 Points 
MCB Elite- 4 Points 
Team Takeover- 4 Points 
New Heights- 3 Points 
Playaz – 3 Points 
CIA Bounce- 2 Points 
DC Assault- 2 Points 

7th Grade Teams 
Playtime- 8 Points 
Wall 2 Wall- 7 Points 
NWK- 7 Points 
Team IZOD- 5 Points 
CIA Bounce- 3 Points 
6th Man Warriors- 2 Points 
Metro Sixers- 2 Points 

6th Grade Teams 
Team IZOD- 5 Points 
Philly Pride- 5 Points 
Metro Flyers- 4 Points 
Team Nelson-4 Points 
MJ Mavs – 3 Points 
RJS- 3 Points 
DEMO- 3 Points 
Beyond the Lines-3 Points 

5th Grade Teams
Gauchos – 5 Points 
Team Glory- 4 Points 
CJ Hawks- 3 Points 
Team Phenom- 3 Points 
Team Takeover – 2 Points 
On Point Cyclones- 2 Points