Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK Classic 7th Grade Championship Game Top Performers

Mikey Watkins (Playtime)  

The 7th Grade had some fierce battles and came down to the final seconds. Here’s a look at the youngsters that impressed us in the championship game. 

MLK Classic 7th Grade Top Performers (Championship Game) 

Mikey Watkins Guard (Playtime)- Watkins continued his stellar season with an impressive outing. He not only hit the clutch floater to win the game but he also has shown an improved outside shot that he lets go with total confidence. His calm demeanor helped his team stay focused down the stretch in the finals. 
Tavon Jones Guard (Playtime)- Simply put he’s a pure scorer. Jones used his quickness and athleticism to put the ball in the hole. He drove past and the split defenders all weekend. He’s capable of running off eight points in a blur. He got Playtime out of a few droughts this weekend.
Armoni Sexton Forward (Playtime)- Sexton gives Playtime good defensive size on the post but also has good touch from the midrange area. I can see him developing into a good perimeter player down the road. But right now opponents must deal with his length inside.
Curtis Gordon Forward (Playtime)- The physical bruiser intimidated opponents when attacking the rim. Many of the long and lanky defenders couldn’t deal with the mass of the mack truck. He gives them an added element. Watch out for the Panthers.
Jihad Jenkins Guard (NWK)- I thought it was a Randy Foye sighting in the building. I remember seeing Foye during his younger days and this kid had to pattern his game after the Utah Jazz guard. Jenkins body control ability to finish around shot blockers had the defenders baffled. He also can drain the trey ball and isn’t afraid to take the big shot.
Nas Amos Guard (NWK)- The pint size southpaw gave Playtime all they could handle. They tried to press up on him and he dashed through the defense before feeding teammates. He also has confidence in his pull up jumper in the lane. He uses his excellent court awareness to make of for his lack of size.
Tyrese Jenkins Forward (NWK)- The forward was problem at the MLK. He stands about 6’6 but he’s also very mobile. Jenkins spent the weekend altering shots and scoring in the paint. He also dabbles with ball handling a bit. This was a huge pick up for NWK.