Monday, January 14, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #4

Nate Had The Ball Since Birth                                                                                                          

Hey basketball world. This was a long week. 

Monday was a nice day. But we had to go back to school. I was not looking forward to that. I hate Monday’s like any other teenage in America. I still went about my day in school before going to work out afterwards. The workout was very physical and skillful. 

Tuesday was pretty much the same except I had Spanish class. I love going to foreign language class. I learned a lot in their on Tuesday. After school I just hit the gym before going home and hitting the sack. 

Wednesday was a tiring day. We had the long Math block which is not a fun thing. Then after school we had to wait about three hours for practice to start. After practice I went home did some homework and got some rest. Thursday was like a carbon copy of Wednesday. 

Friday I woke up very early to workout. I went to school very tired from my early rise and I was anxious to get the day over because of the weekend coming. After school I went to practice and really put a lot of work in. After practice I had to do the books for Christian’s game. He played really well! Then I went home took myself to bed early because I had a long day ahead of me. 

Saturday we had the breakfast club. If you been reading my diaries. You guys would know my dad breakfast club. I wake up every morning and go to the workout. If any of you guys want to train with me your welcomed to. It was a grueling workout. Later that day we went to Joshua's game at Island Gardens. He played well. They lost one game. Then on our way home I was feeling very sick. I had the stomach bug. So you can imagine what that meant. No bueno!!! 

Sunday was a really, really, tough day. I felt so weak. My dad pulled me out of bed. I had a game at IS8. My body felt horrible. We drove to Brooklyn. I slept the entire ride down. I felt better but still really weak. I played well and we won. I had 18 points 6 assist and 5 rebounds. Good game for a dude who was sick the night before. After that we went to my other game at my school. I felt horrible. I took a nap. I was getting really focused for this game. We were playing St. Joseph School. That's a rivalry game. We lost the last game and I did not play. I was really pumped and focused to beat them. By the way my stomach was hurting like very bad. I ended up having a monster triple double. I usually don't do this but I'm going to give you guys the entire stat line. 55 points 20 rebounds and 10 assists. I went in. I will like to also congratulate my brother and Metro Flyers. Another Championship game and this time they took home the championship rings. 

Ok, basketball world you guys read about my week hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week yourself. Nate is out Peace It is okay to have faith. Take risks sometimes. Only way to grow:)