Monday, January 7, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #3

Nate and Family During New Years  

Hey basketball world. I hope y'all enjoyed your New Years. This week was a good week. I am going to start with Monday. 

Monday was New Year's Eve. I went to New York to see my family. It was fun seeing all of my family members. We were playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 the entire time and a bunch of other video games. Then as soon as 20 minutes before midnight came we had to shut it off. I was so angry. I was winning! We counted down. Then it was 2013! We were so happy. It was a really joyful night. 

Tuesday was the first day of 2013. My father made a great New Year’s breakfast. We made our 2013 goals. We all said our goals to each other. We stayed in the house and cleaned our rooms and the house. Then we watched movies the entire day. Tuesday was just a chill day. 

Wednesday was the first day back to school. I was excited because I had practice at 6:00. Another reason I was excited because I haven't seen any of my friends in like 14 days. I had to give in my take home test (you would know what kind of take home test it was if you read last week’s journal). I was so nervous. Practice was fun. I feel like I'm in slow motion a lot now. I don't know what that means I hope it's a great sign of something. After practice I went to the St. Peter's Prep and Montverde game. Now I know how and why Kasey Hill is the #2 point guard in the nation. It was so easy for him. Trevis Wyche was going at him. If you guys don't know who Trevis is, Google him. Anyways SPP lost. I was so angry! 

Thursday was a tiring day. I went to school and got my test back. I got a 97. I was surprised. I was so tired the entire day. After school I had to get my workout in. By the way it was 27 degrees outside. I was only up to 475 shots made when my hands felt they had frost bite. I was crying like a baby. My mom told me to stop complaining. If you are trying to reach your goal you have to keep going. It took my hands like 30 minutes to get reheated. By the way I had gloves on. Try making over 400 makes with gloves on is not a pretty scene. I ended up taking a nap for like 2 1/2 hours. 

Friday was a hard and tough day. I had a test for science. I hope that I got a hundred. Then I had practice. Again slow motion. I don't know what's going on. Anyways after practice my little brother Christian had a game. He won. He had 6 points and 6 assists and about 4 rebounds. We ended up going home and I had to watch my little brother for about an hour. We were just chilling. Watching movies and playing video games. Joshua and my dad were at a game and my mom was at school. 

Saturday we got up extra early to go workout. My body was hurting. My knees hurt all the time. Then after our workout we went to Joshua's game. They won. Joshua played solid. I couldn't wait to go to sleep. I was so tired. 

Sunday was fun. I had a game at 6:45. I played 2k for like 3 hours on my career mode. Then I had to go see my big brother Karl Towns play against my future high school St. Peter's Prep. We hung in there in the first half then Marques Town went in. Then I went to my game and we blew the team out by 35. After the game I found out that Joshua won the MOP award at the Gauchos round ball. They only lost to Izod by 4. Joshua had 28 points and was 6 for 6 from the corner 3 point line. He has gotten so much better. Watch out basketball world Metro Flyers is the upcoming program to beat. Hmmmm. So basketball world y'all read about my week I have to get ready for school tomorrow. 

Nate is out!  Enjoy your week.