Sunday, June 13, 2021

Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade MDC Top Performers Part 2

Jordan Moton

The 6th Grade Division at the Memorial Day Classic gave us a look into the future and a first time champion. Here’s our second look at the top performers in the 6th Grade. 

Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade MDC Top Performers Part 2 

Jordan Moton Forward (United NJ) – Moten was arguably the best prospect in the 6th grade division. He is a long athletic wing forward that can do it all on the floor. He is a problem on both ends of the floor giving the opposing team fits. Defensively he can guard 1 through 5 blocking shots and clearing the glass at a high level. Offensively he can handle the ball well for his size so after he grabs the rebound and leads the break many times going coast to coast. He finished with 16 and 14 points in the two games we saw.

Jackson Vaughn Forward (United NJ) – Jackson is a strong combo forward that does most of his damage in the paint but does have the ability to play in space. He gets a good amount of offensive rebound putbacks, and he can also push the rock after he gets defensive rebounds. We like his energy level and how hard he plays. He is a good compliment to Moton.

Connor Junker Guard (United NJ) – Junker is a pint size point guard that knows how to score the ball. He can knock down the 3-point shot but he also knows how to navigate the defense and get his shot off inside the 3-point line and score over taller defenders. He moves well without the ball, and he plays with a fearless edge. He scored 12 and 11 points in the two games we watched.

Aivaye Ingram Guard (NJ Rivals) – Ingram is a big PG that handles the ball most of the time for his squad. He is a high-level passer with good vision. We like how he handles full court pressure and gets off the ball when the double team comes finding his open teammates for easy buckets. He is a pass first point guard but can score if needed.

Marque Johnson Forward (NJ Rivals) – Johnson is a developing lefty big man that has a lot of long-term potential. We like his ability to get to the free throw line and he can convert from there as he has a soft touch. He shot 8 free throws in the game we saw. Defensively he has good timing and can block shots without fouling. He finished with 15 points in the game we watched.

Daquan Cullers-Boyd Forward (NJ Rivals) – Daquan is a big forward that plays hard. He gets most of his points around the basket on offensive rebound putbacks, drives to the basket either in the half court or in transition, and from drop offs from his point guard. He does have the ability to handle the ball in space. Defensively he can match up against multiple positions.