Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC) Entry #3

Jaden Bradley

Basketball Spotlight World, It’s Jaden Bradley and I’m back with my Diary Of A Baller. Here’s how my week went. 

Monday, the first official day of Christmas break so I slept in. I didn’t sleep in too long though because I I got up and went to practice. My brother will be home on Thursday, I am pretty excited about that. Coach came to pick me up and I went and got some work in during practice. I had to stay a little later today, So I got shots up. When I went home, I ate lunch and watch TV for a while and I took a nap. I went outside to clean up the leaves in the yard before my parents came home and then I got ready to go to a middle school basketball game to watch some friends in the playoffs. My boys were battling it out for a chance to play in the championship tomorrow. My CP3 brothers were on both teams so it was a good game. 

Tuesday, I woke up at my usual time of 6 am and did a light workout. I have practice again today so I just wanted to be ready to compete. After practice, I came home and ate lunch. I took my usual seat on the couch and watched Netflix for a while. Later this evening I am going to the 8th grade championship game for the public schools in my county. I hope my boys win. When it was finally time to go to the game, the gym was packed. There was a pep band along with cheerleaders and fans from both teams. It was an exciting game that went into 3 overtime periods. Unfortunately, my boys did not win but they really played hard. 

Wednesday, I slept in this morning kind of late. It is kind of weird not having school and games. I don’t think about how busy I am until I am not really doing anything. I decided to switch it up and do my morning workout at night instead. My brother gets here tomorrow, I can’t wait. He will go to the gym with me and play video games. 

Thursday, I woke up right before it was time to go to the airport to get my brother. The first thing we did when we got home was play 2K. It was nice to just hang out with him for a while. Later in the evening, he took me to the gym to hoop. 

Friday, today is workout day....I have a workout with my trainer. I had a great workout too. When I got home, I got ready to head to my friend’s birthday party. We went to Dave & Busters and walked the mall too. I was killing everybody on the basketball shooting game. 

Saturday, woke up this morning early, and was tired. I went to a church function where we shopped for groceries and delivered them to families in need. I had a great time with my dad and my brother. We made some new friends and it also felt good giving. After that my family and I went to lunch at Chick Fil a, we ate and talked. Then later that evening my brother and I had a workout. I like working out with my brother because it helps me to push harder and get better. I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to read my diary. See you guys next week. 

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