Friday, December 22, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Baby Ballers Top Performers Part 2

Neikos Primus 

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 4th & 5th Grade Division gave us a look at the baby ballers. You will be hearing about some of these youngsters for years to come. Here’s Part 2 Of our Top Performers. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Baby Ballers Top Performers Part 2 

Neikos Primus Guard (New World)- Primus is a fearless driver to the bucket while also using an advanced floater for his age. He plays the game with flare and confidence. He has the ability to finish through contact. He totally dominated the competition the opening day of the Tip Off Classic.

Johnsen Kennedy Guard (TJ Lakers)- The lefty once again starred at a Spotlight event. He will stroke the deep ball or create other opportunities off the bounce. His dribble game helps him get to the next level of the defense before finishing. On the other end he’s known for pressuring the rock 94 feet. 

Babatunde Oladotun Guard (New World)- This kid has natural two guard length to get his shot off against most defenders. He used that size to make the opposition pay by going 5 for 5 from three point range and even a 4 point play to put the gravy on top.
Hector Almodovan Guard (Riverside Hawks)- The 8 year old played up in the 4th Grade and did more than hold his own. He has the unique command of the drive and kick game. He’s been around the basketball game since he was in a crib literally. We will be seeing more him for years especially if he remains with Riverside Hawks.
Andre Watkins Guard (Team Takeover)- Watkins was one of the best shooters I saw in this age group. He was capable of knocking down several treys in a row quickly. His range is when he gets off the bus. His shooting help TTO advance far in the tournament.
U.B ZAID Guard (Team Takeover)- Zaid brings to the table a tight ball handle and court vision that very few have at this age. He’s the brains behind the operation and his leadership helped Team Takeover to a big OT victory over MD Wizards. 

Kirby Duran Guard (MD Wizard)- Duran can play either guard position and finishes well around the tin especially over size. He controlled the tempo the entire game while helping his team stay close before losing in overtime. 

Kash Carter Guard (MD Wizards)- The versatile guard uses his size to shoot over smaller defenders. He has the scoring prowess and touch to get buckets on a high level. Once he measures out he will be a nightmare to guard.