Thursday, December 28, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Best Of The Best & All Tournament Team

The 6th Grade Division at the Tip Off Classic introduced us to some up and coming talent. Here’s our Best Of The Best and All Tournament Team. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Dwayne Pierce (NY Gauchos)- Pierce was the lead catalyst on the championship team and was a true leader in the process. He got it done on the big stage. 

Best Prospect: Basil Laster (Fidonce Basketball)- You can the potential oozing from Laster’s veins. He could be another top player from the Philly pipeline. 

Best Playmaker: Mesean Williams (Jersey City Boys)- Williams made things happen from the point guard position. He can either score or get teammates involved with dimes. 

Best Floor General: Jagger Bascomb (Riverside Hawks)- Bascomb is the brains behind Riversides operation. He set the table for the NY squad. 

Best Shooter: Umar Sabree (Fidonce Basketball)- Sabree showed he could nail the trey ball from anywhere. He was one of the best shooters in the building. 

Best Scorer: Jordan Howe (Rising Stars Elite)- Howe got heavy buckets all weekend. He averaged over 20 points in the games we watched. 

Best Fresh Face: Dylan Louis (Rising Stars Elite)- One of the best prospects in the event. This kid caught our eye early and often. 

Best Defender: Donovan Freeman (Jersey City Boys Club)- Freeman was a rim protector and could also defend on the perimeter. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade All Tournament Team 

Dwayne Pierce (NY Gauchos) 
Danny Carbuccia (NY Gauchos) 
Nas Simmons (NY Gauchos) 
Johnuel Fland (NY Gauchos) 
Kristan Banwareesign (NY Gauchos) 
Jaylen Mayo (JCBC) 
Mesean Williams (JCBC) 
Brandon Srebnik (JCBC) 
Donovan Freeman (JCBC) 
Bahsil Laster (Fidonce) 
Umar Sabree (Fidonce) 
Khaafiq Myers (Fidonce) 
Jaheim Martin (Fidonce) 
Rashee Bell (NJ Bulldogs) 
Brandon Nunez (NJ Bulldogs) 
Jacob Carmona (Playtime Panthers) 
Jaylin Bushell (Playtime Panthers)