Monday, March 2, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Judah McIntyre (New York, NY) Entry #10

Judah At Modells

Wassup Basketball World, I’m back this week giving a special shoutout to everyone who watched the world premiere of “Little Ballers” on Wednesday and Saturday. It was greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoyed it. 

Monday, was a fun day, mainly because I missed school for half the day, because of an Interview I had with Pix 11 which aired the next day. It was a fun experience and we got to actually play basketball on the set. I interviewed along with the director, Ms. Crystal, Coach Billy, his son Bryce, and my lil. bro Cole. After, I went to school and had a really easy rest of the day. After school I stayed at school to watch my Varsity Boys get spanked by Paterson Eastside. We tried hard, that’s really all I can say. It was a good measurement stick for us, to see how good or bad we are. 

Tuesday, I had a fun day in school because we did some stuff with blowing up volcanoes which was really cool. We also made a fake volcano and made it erupt which was cool. Later that day, I coached the students in the teacher-faculty game. I also played and killed the teachers but I could only play twice, unfortunately I could not coach my team to victory, due to some bad substitutions down the stretch. Later that day, I had a basketball workout. It was good, working a lot on increasing my handle speed and different types of finishes. 

Wednesday, I had a trip in school to the Natural History Museum. In my opinion it was really boring because I’ve been there over 20 times, literally. Once we got back to school I worked myself out in the school gym, I worked alot my 1 v. 1 moves along with pull-ups. That night, I was really hype about seeing myself on Nickelodeon. It was a fun night, and it was great knowing a lot of people were watching it. 

Thursday, I had a Math and Spanish test. The math went well, but the Spanish not so much. I was not proud of myself because I could have studied more and I chose not to. But, I was happy because I know I did great on my Math test. That day, I was experiencing a lot of headaches and I could not go to practice because I was getting it checked out. 

Friday, I had an easy day in school because I had 2 study halls and only 2 real classes. It was great. That night I went to see the musical at my school, it was pretty good but, it would have been better if I was involved. 

Saturday, I went with my dad to his school that he works at, he had some training he had to do. I finished my hw in that time along with getting my shape up. Later, I went home and just relaxed and watched some basketball. 

Sunday, I went out to eat with my family for breakfast, we ate really swell. I had practice later but it was canceled due to the snow. After, I came home and watched James Harden absolutely destroy Lebron. I loved how James Harden was playing, it’s just crazy how he can create so much space between him and defenders and get to the line at will. 

Until Next Week, 
Judah McIntyre 
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