Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here Comes The Chaos!

Carolina Chaos

This year during 7th grade Nationals in Hampton, the Carolina Chaos made an impact in finishing 7th in the Nation from out of nowhere. Coach Mike Dobbins put together a team, from Selma, NC, built on athleticism and the collective belief that they deserved to be special. 

Dobbins wanted to give players from Eastern, NC an opportunity on the big stage so he sought out competition to expose his players’ talents and expose their room for growth. He had a feeling in early February that this was a special group. The Chaos was down 7 with under a minute left and won the game in OT by 10 points. The group refused to submit and Coach Dobbins was ready to attack the next challenge. 

The Chaos entered the ultra-competitive NYBL and completed that portion of their season 14-3. Coach Dobbins credits his players’ belief in teamwork and their competitive nature to their success. The team is led by the inside outside trio of 6’2 Jamal King, Isiah Watson and pg Evan Johnson, but every member of the Chaos is integral in the glory. Their only goal moving forward is to improve and make certain that everyone in the country respects the Carolina Chaos brand.