Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Diary Of A Baller : Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Final Entry

Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin Photo Collage

Hello Spotlight, This is my final diary entry. This will be the last thing I do as a middle schooler. I will miss my time as a Spotlight player. I had a great career playing on this circuit and I'm sad it's ending. But I'm glad to have met all these great players and coaches during this time. 

Since the last entry a few major things have happened. I was able to attend the CP3 Camp, but I'm happy for Jermaine Samuels and Trevon Duval who made the All American game down there. Also, I played in the J.E.M. Classic and was awarded my 2nd straight Player of the Year Award. That's an honor to me because Basketball Spotlight is the best circuit for a middle school player to play on, and I was considered the best player for the 2nd season in a row! But I have to say thank you to my coach Reggie Hatchett and my brother and the rest of my teammates for making that happen for me! I'm grateful to be in this position and I know I got here by playing with the best players (even some of the ones who left us). 

Just thinking about all the games I had at Spotlight makes me smile! I think the best player I ever played against is either Mustafa Heron or Tyus Battle. The best defenders I faced was Aaron Thompson, Quade Green and Chris Lykes. The best scorers I guarded was Jamir Moultrie, Nate Pierre-Louis. Our biggest rivalry was Team Battle/IZOD, Milbank, DC Assault, New Heights and Takeover. The player that brought the best out of me was Nate. 

All those great times are now over. Now I have to make new moments in high school. And I am happy to let everybody know that me and my brother Chaylyn will be attending Weaver High School where we will team up with our CBC brothers Ashon "Chewy" Avent and KeAndre "Breeze" Fair. I know that we will learn from each other and sacrifice for each other like we have been taught. I wanna thank Mike Melton and Basketball Spotlight for changing my life and making me a well known player. I also wanna thank him for going beyond the court and helping me and my brother get through one of the worst times of our lives. My family, my coach and I will always remember how you looked out for us after the fire. We will always be "spotlight players" in our hearts! Thank you all for following me, watching me grow up and listening to me speak through this diary. Jaecee Martin will always be "Mayweather" because of you...

Stay Tuned As Basketball Spotlight will bring you a entire new host of Diary Of A Baller with the Class of 2018.