Monday, September 23, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Entry #3

Myles Dread, Victor Olidipo & Anthony Harris

Dear Basketball World, 

This week was exciting! I began visiting high schools for next year. My first visit was at Gonzaga High school. The day started off with a 30 minute Metro train ride and a 5 minute walk to school. There were all different types of people on the Metro. I saw business people, homeless people, and other students. This made me think of the hard work I have to do to make sure I can be successful. I shadowed with Chris Lykes, a freshman basketball player at Gonzaga. He was a great guide. I followed him to all his classes. I especially liked the Algebra class. I got a chance to take a quiz during class and got an A. Chris introduced me to his friends and made me feel welcome. I enjoyed my time there and the highlight was meeting Coach Turner. 

My next high school recruiting visit was a football game at Good Counsel High School. I enjoyed my experience at the game. Kyle Turner showed me around the stadium. He also introduced me to some of his friends and teammates. It was an exciting game! Gonzaga ran back the opening kickoff for a touchdown. At halftime, Coach Churchwell gave us a tour of the school. The all-you-can-eat lunches were my favorite part of the tour. Just kidding! I liked the way their classes were scheduled. They would give me time to get a lot of my work done. I have a few more schools to visit and apply to. I look forward to those visits too. 

At 8:00 on Saturday morning we had practice. We’re preparing for the first tournament of the year in New Jersey. Our coach put in a lot of new plays on offense and defense. We also had to run more sprints because we need to get in shape for the tournament. My teammate Anthony and I went to Subway after practice we met Victor Oladipo after practice and we took this picture in the parking lot. My family and I went to see Battle of the Year. The movie was about break dancing and how to work as a team. I liked how athletic and talented the actors were in the movie. 

On Sunday my Mom went back to Detroit for work. She is a foot doctor and she goes to Detroit once a month to see her patients. After we said our goodbyes we went to workouts with the team. Then we went out to eat dinner with my family. After dinner I did my homework and watched more football. MY LIONS WON!!!!

See you next week!