Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside The Clash For The Cup14U: A Weekend To Remember!

DC Assault Regains The #1 Spot

The 14U Division at the Clash For The Cup was filled with fireworks. It produced a new champion and had some thrilling plays along the way. Here’s a look inside this event.

DC Assault vs. Team Scan (Best Game Ever?)
The Clash For The Cup 14U Championship might go down as one of the best Basketball Spotlight games ever. The intensity was through the roof combined with great coaching and top notch players from both programs. I was convinced the atmosphere was serious when I saw DC Assaults mild mannered coach Zach Suber actually walking the sidelines and barking instructions. If this was ESPN that game would definitely become an instant classic.

Clash For The Cup 14U All Tournament Team
Alani Moore (DC Assault) MVP – Orange Division
Patrick Strazala (St. Michaels) MVP- Blue Division
Joe Hampton (DC Assault)
Jamar Watson (DC Assault)
Reggie Gardner (DC Assault)
Anthony Cowan (DC Assault)
Ako Adams (DC Assault)
Devonte Green (Team Scan)
Temple Gibbs (Team Scan)
Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)
Unique Mclean (Team Scan)
NyRhique Smith (Playaz)
Donovan Love (Playaz)
Tyler Scanlon (Team Takeover)
Justin Jackson (YAAACE)
Marcus Ottey (YAAACE)
Devon Goodman (Team Elite)
Tyus Battle (Team Final)
Matthew Bullock (KSK)
Brad Hawkins (ECE)
Daveyon Barnes (ETU)
Randall Gaskins (ETU)
Justin Leip (Mass Shooting Stars)
Jared Rivers (New Rens)
Anthony Munson (LD Rebels)