Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside The Clash For The Cup 13U: Race To Grand Finale Tightens Up

Team Takeover Grabs Their First Banner

The 13U Division produced a new champion and has some top notch squads in attendance. Here’s an inside look at this age group.

Inside The Clash For The Cup 13U

Team Takeover Proves They Are For Real
Team Takeover had the right team on paper but they showed it was for real at the Clash For The Cup by taking home the crown. They went through a tough field even defeating the “Money Team” in a close championship victory. They will move up in the rankings and set up another potential showdown with CBC.

13U Parity
The 13U Division has a lot of real good teams but no squad has put the stamp on being the best. This means the Spotlight circuit might come down to the wire with any of these teams being capable of winning the Grand Finale. Therefore fans put your seat belts on and get ready for a long ride.

Clash For The Cup 13U All Tournament Team
Andre Boykins (Team Takeover) MVP- Orange Division
Shimoore Stern (Broward Sharks) MVP- Blue Division
Chris Lykes (Team Takeover)
DJ Mitchell (Team Takeover)
Aaron Thompson (Team Takeover)
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Shyheim Hicks (CBC)
Chaylynn Martin (CBC)
Jamir Moultrie (DC Assault)
Quade Green (Team Final)
D’Andre Vilmar (Team Final)
Nick Alikakos (Team Final)

Paul Persons (Milbank)
Eric Ayala (East Coast Elite)
Trevon Duval (East Coast Elite)
Keith Williams (New Heights)
Nicholas Enriquez (Broward Sharks)
Quadir Burgess (Philly Freedom Stars)
Jahki Clarke (Playtime)
Matt Dean (JSL Hoops)
Michael Westbrook (Team Melo)
Jordan McNair (Team Melo)