Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The 13U Division seems to be wide open. We had some movement so things should get more interesting as the season goes on. Remember these rankings are jus our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

1. CBC: The “Money Team” lost in the Clash finals by 1 but remain on top because of their overall body of work. They will be back in action during the AC Showcase and must get the banner to remain on top.

2. Team Takeover: TT came to the Clash with a heavy rep and won it all. Another victory over CBC or another Spotlight crown will probably give them the #1 spot.

3. Team Final: TF fell in the final four vs. CBC. They have a good unit but now must figure out how to win the crown to move up. They have two Spotlight events to get things done.

4. Milbank: The Big Apple boys got eliminated in the quarterfinals by a hungry DC Assault squad. This was a little surprise for us but we expect them to respond fiercely.

5. Team IZOD: I got a chance to see this squad this past weekend in a mop up game. Now we will see them back in the fire during the AC Showcase. They have faced adversity but you can’t deny the heart of a champion.

6. DC Assault: I said these guys might move up in the rankings and they went from 9 to 6 after making it to the final four of the Clash.

7. New Heights: NH had a serious pool at the Clash but they do have the talent. Now they have to put everything to get things done.

8. Broward Sharks: The Blue Division champs took the championship back to Florida. Now they want to taste the Orange Division which is a different animal. They earned the right with their play.

9. New Rens: NR played in the Orange Division and didn’t advance from the serious pool. Now they have two tournaments to rebound from the experience.

10. Team Melo: The Baltimore bunch felt slighted about not being in the Orange Division and responded by making to the finals of the Blue Division. They earned the right to be in the Orange.