Monday, February 6, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #23

What’s up basketball world, it has been a very long week with a lot of high points.

Monday, I had a work-out with Julian at 5. Almost the entire hour we worked-out we worked on my legs. I did a lot of squats, one legged squats and quarter squats. I ended the work- out with lateral slides and power jumps. After the work-out my dad and I worked-out on our own. We got up a lot of shots and well over 500 of them came from the three point line.

Tuesday we went back to the gym and put up lots of shots, within our 2 hour work-out we had a little shooting competition. If you guys never had the chance to meet my dad one thing you need to know about him is that he can shoot the ball; especially if he shoots the ball in rhythm. I was close to his score the first round but when he started getting hot he began to pull ahead. One round he went 9 out of 10 and the second round he went 10 for 10 from three. I was so mad afterwards I wanted to play him one on one to redeem myself but he declined because he knows I can beat him now. I love my dad as crazy as he is but I hate to lose to anyone.

Thursday at school we had our first ever Holy Savior Academy ring ceremony for the eighth graders. I was very surprised how nice the rings looked, they had a blue gem, our name, the year we graduated, and we were able to tell them what to put inside the ring. After the ceremony we went into the gym to eat cake, cookies and fruit. Thursday I didn’t go to the gym because I had to study for three quizzes and had to write a report for science, so instead when I was done I just watched the Bulls and Heat game.

Friday, I had a half a day at school; therefore as soon as I was home I went on-line to play MW3. I played until 4 PM because I had another work-out with Julian. Friday we really focused on arms, I did a lot with bands, push-ups, pull ups, rows, and did a few things with the- dumb-bells. I was still sore from the leg work-out from Monday; however my dad and I still got shots up after my work-out with Julian. I was shooting the much better this time. I shot better than my dad who was having an off day. Yes! Lol!

Saturday morning, I had my school game against St. Bart’s, we were hoping to bounce back from our loss last Saturday week, while I was at the Clash for the Cup. We ended up winning our game by 30. Right after we had to drive up to Life Center to play East Coast Elite. We took that game very personal because we knew a lot of the kids on the team. We are still missing 2 key guys because of injury and other things; however we ended winning the game by 4 points. We played well however still had a lot of dumb mistakes which turned into turnovers and points for them. I think we are starting to improve and will be ready for whoever is going to be in the next tournament we play in. I played well despite the box on 1 they played on me the final 2 quarters. I managed to get to the line about 10 times and made 80%. I also knocked down a few long balls. Which made my coaches happy and no doubt you know who! Vaughn and Jason played great and I was very happy for them but we all can play better and the win was a team effort.

Sunday, I had to wake up at 7 and drive up to PA for practice at 8: 30. We reviewed our offensive and defensive sets. I feel much more comfortable with the offense we are running plus we put in a few quick hits. It should free me up better for my offense and open us all up for lay-ups and in the post. I still believe we will have one of the best teams in the country once we understand each a little better. We have to just keep preparing for our next tournaments and games to come one at a time as I said earlier I really think we will be ready to win and play with the best teams in the country.

After practice I went to the gym and got up more shots and did some ball-handling and once again I was able to beat my dad. I am really trying to improve my jump and I need to start knocking it down consistently open or not. Dad got little tired from the week and took advantage.

I am going to sign off now and Super Bowl is about to start. Before I stop typing, I wanted to send a message to my team-mates on Team Final. Drop whatever it is that you’re doing and come to practice and if you’re injured come and watch practice because we are on a mission and we need you to get it done!