Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inside The Clash For The Cup 12U: New Beef Is Underway!

KSK Gunning For #1

The 12U Division was small in number but stacked like no other. Here’s our look at the inside stories for this age group.

Inside The Clash For The Cup 12U

New Rivalry On The Horizon

KSK and Team IZOD made huge statements by traveling through the tough terrain of the Clash For The Cup. Team IZOD which defeated KSK during pool play at the Tip Off Classic fell victim to their talent during the finals of The Clash. Now we move on to the next phase and wonder who the best squad is really. Luckily we have a few more Spotlight events combined with the NJ State tournament will give us our answer.

What’s Up With Riverside Hawks?

The #4 team in the country Riverside Hawks finished the gridlock Clash with a 0-3 record. No one imagined this could happen to this disciplined squad. Now they must show they are ready to rebound and move back to the top. Their program is built on success so we think they have a chance to return to glory.

Clash For The Cup 12U All Tournament Team

Luther Muhammad (KSK) MVP-Orange Division
Devandre Edmonds (Mass Shooting Stars) MVP-Blue Division
Atiba Taylor (KSK)
Will Yarborough (KSK)
Markquis Nowell (Team IZOD)
Jalen Brooks (Team IZOD)
Mikey Watkins (Team IZOD)
Justin Winston (Team IZOD)
Daniel Klosk (New Rens)
Judah McIntyre (New Rens)
Tyrek Chambers (New Rens)
Alonzo Frink (Playtime)
Zegary Scott (Playtime)
Jalen Lecque (Playtime)
Donovan Toatley (Team Takeover)
Brandon Slater (Team Takeover)
Jamal Whittlesey (East Coast Elite)
Chris Cropper (East Coast Elite)
Zedrick Farrell (Riverside)
Trevor Forbes (CBC)
Alex Morton (NJ Shore Shots)
Alex Bajohr (NJ Shore Shots)
Nazreon Reid (NJ Shore Shots)

Terrell Myers (Team Melo)
Omari Watson (Team Melo)