Monday, February 13, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Diary #24

What’s up basketball world? So much has happened since the last diary, I guess I am getting older because time is really moving fast as the weeks go by.

Monday was a really great day, normally Monday’s can be challenging, after long weekends of basketball, working out and hanging out with family and friends. Monday morning starting off with school and a quiz which I was prepared for. The afternoon was really good as well and all my classes went really smooth and fast. I have some really good teachers and some great kids in my classes. I like the being part of a small school, it is really cool and Holy Savior is its own little community.

Tuesday school went fast and after my homework and an hour of sleep my dad came home from work and we went to gym. Most of the 2 hours we worked on shooting from all areas of the court and ball-handling. My workout went really well and both my dad and I are pleased in how I am progressing.

Wednesday I went to school from 7:50 AM to 2:00 PM and for some reason I was really distracted thinking about my future, regarding high school and where I might want to spend the next 4 years of my life. Being part of a community and getting the best education I can get are things my mom and dad always talked to me about over the years. Prior to Wednesday, I thought very little about my future school. I just played ball because I love it and I went to school because I have to and most of the time I love that to. Laugh out loud!

Thursday I had a science test at school and I believe I knew all the answers except a few. I also had to write an essay for school and was able to do most of that during the day. After school I went home to complete tons of homework and a school project therefore I missed my workout and Team-Final practice. I hate missing team practice but sometimes school and everything gets so busy I cannot do everything. Thank God I have the support of my family to help me and would not be able to get everything done.

Thanks God it is Friday! I almost thought it would never come. The night before I told my dad and mom I wanted to attend Gill Saint Bernard school in Gladstone, NJ for the next 4 years. My dad and mom were happy with my decision, however I believe he was hoping I would choose Saint Joe’s Metuchen, which is basically in my hometown. Do not get me wrong my parents both love Gill, but Saint Joes is home for us and part of our community. I liked Saint Joe’s a lot as well but I did not want to go to an all boy’s school and I also I fell in love with Gill and everything it has to offer. Academically, it is one of the best in the country and a good basketball gives it a total balance! Saint Anthony was also a consideration, I just could not see myself taking several trains to school everyday and it was just a little to far for me. I would have love being a Friar and playing for coach Hurley would have been cool.

Saturday morning I had a school game and I had my first game where I had 2 dunks. I had one dunk with a kid riding my hip on the way to the basket and the other on a fast break. My brother had well over 20 points and we are getting better and better as a team. Also, a University that I will leave the name out was at my game. Wow, that is really cool!

In the afternoon I went to support the Gill boys team at a county game. After being in the gym for a few minutes with my family. The Blue Crew started cheering my name and it was both embarrassing and cool. Thanks Blue Crew, looking forward to the next 4 years. Gill won by 20 but it was a hard victory.

Sunday I went to the Gill v-s Plainfield game and they lost in a heart breaker!
Too much homework tonight so I have to sign-off now.