Monday, February 20, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #25

What’s up basketball world!

Monday, I worked out with Julian and it was probably the toughest workout I had since I’ve been working with him. We did everything from legs and core to flexibility and upper body. The toughest part of the workout was probably the moving rows. The reason it was so hard was because I had to do rows while walking twenty yards at the same time. After the workout I went to the court to put up shots for about 30 minutes until my dad picked me up.

Wednesday I had school and practice. I have been very impressed in the way we have been playing. We have been playing together well,, and causing a lot of turnovers. We still need to work on everyone remembering the plays and making layups.

Thursday was my last day of school for the week. So, as soon as I got home I sat down to relax and played Modern Warfare 3. At 5pm, I had to get off and go to the gym because I had another workout with Julian. We did a lot of circuit workouts so I got in a lot of reps. He also taught me how to dead lift to help me with my lower body. I first started out with 30 pounds on each side just to get the hang of it and understand the right form, but I then worked my way up to doing sets of 10 of 80 pounds which is a good start but I still know I could have done more. After the workout I got in some more shots and played one on one against a few of the people in the gym and against my dad.

My dad left Friday to go down to Florida work related. There was no school on Friday so coach called for school practice. Practice went well we reviewed plays and worked on a little bit of individual drills. At the end of practice we played 5 on 5 and coach decided to play as well. To end the practice we ran about 10 sprints thanks to my little brother because he was playing soft and he wasn’t running his sprints hard.

Over the weekend I had a game at 2pm against Immaculate Conception. We ended up winning by 40 and I finished up the game having over 20 points. After the game I went to my mom’s house but she had to go to work at 6pm, so my uncle and I went to the movies. I saw “The Woman in Black” while my uncle saw “Safe House”. I thought the movie was alright. It only made me jump once or twice but I think what made it scarier was that I was the only person in the theater due to it being out for a few weeks.

Next week is our first week of playoffs so I will make sure to tell you all how we do. This is Tyus Battle singing off.