Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleeper Report: Shacore Edwards Has Arrived!

When you enter the Zoo Crew Summer League the first thing you notice is the double rims that occupy the baskets. If you ever played ball you know how difficult it is to score on such rims. But on this afternoon there was one such kid from the NJ Panthers that didn’t have a problem getting buckets. He drained treys, scored in transition and in traffic. At first I didn’t recognize the fluid wing guard but at the conclusion of the contest I found out it was Shacore Edwards.

I didn’t recognize Edwards because he was rocking a new hair cut and playing with a different squad (formerly of the Shooting Stars). His game has improved and his confidence is soaring. NJ Panthers coach Lori Vega agrees “He’s the type of player that needs freedom and when he gets it he’s a very talented offensive player”. “Just recently we played against Wayne Pal in a 15 and Under tourney and he finished with 35 points. That was playing up” Vega continued.

Edwards is still under the radar but with hard work he should be a name to know soon. “He needs to continue working hard especially on defense” Vega said. Shacore will get his chance to show his worth soon as he is committed to play in the Elite 80 Expo. This might be his coming out party.