Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp Recap Class 2013

Lee Brought Intensity On Defense

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Regional Camp took place in Philly at Germantown Academy and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. The camp featured some of the top ballers in the Northeast region and really focused on the fundamentals and development. Things got serious though when the scrimmages jumped off, I respect their effort even head man Rob Kennedy refereed a segment. Here’s a breakdown of the players that caught our eye.

Class of 2013 Report

Britton Lee Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- If you want a player that’s trying to get better call on Lee. The point guard locked ball handlers down like a warden and played with the explosion and passion that makes him standout. He was very focused in the drills and showed the interest that high school and college coaches love.

Yosef Yacub Guard (Chester, PA)- I like his length and some of his offensive arsenal. Being from Chester I can see that he is a Tyreke Evans type pupil (No I’m not making a comparison) I just saying when you look at his shot release and high arching jumpers is apparent that he studied that former prodigy’s game. Yacub loves to get in the triple threat and use the jab step to create space.

Sterling Johnson Forward (Wilmington, DE)- This kid is a true physical specimen he has some true intangibles like scoring near the basket and making hustle plays. He has an awkward shot from the perimeter but has the confidence to jack it which sometimes makes all the difference.

Andre Patton Forward (Wilmington, DE)- This was my first time watching Patton and he doesn’t have much of a perimeter handle but he knows how to get buckets. He runs the floor and finishes off plays when he’s not rebounding and doing the dirty work inside. He has the hands the point guards live for and doesn’t waste opportunities inside.

Shaquan Cannon Guard (Newark, DE)- I love a guard that’s enjoys entertaining the crowd and Cannon fits the bill. He gets out early in transition when the shot is released and usually turns the play into something positive to his squad. If I’m a big man on his team it’s in my best interest to run the floor because he relishes in rewarding them with the pill.

Julian Moore Forward (Fort Washington, PA)- Moore has a lot of developing to do but he will have the size that makes college coaches follow his schedule. He’s long, wiry but does have the enthusiasm to get better in the near future. Mark my words he won’t be paying for college if he continues to work hard.

Bevon Stewart Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- Stewart doesn’t have the total package yet in terms of creating his own shot off the dribble but the athlete does have a lot of energy that’s helps him run the floor and finish occasionally. When the game appears slower to him he will contribute more frequently.

Floyd Preito Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- I wondered how Preito would look really running the point and I got my answer tonight. I must say he appeared to fit into the mold rather comfortably. When I saw him during the summer he had to sacrifice his game because he was one of the biggest on his squad.

Devon Bell Forward (Voorhees, NJ)- One thing about Bell is that he doesn’t try to do things that’s out of character of his game. He basically gets in where he fits in and he fits in running the floor and finishes off plays. He can score with either hand and uses his body to shield shot blockers.

Anthony Durham Guard (Abington, PA)- I think I have the eye for talent and Durham does have some. I like how he attacks smaller guards trying to check him and his game will speak more when he doesn’t look to score too often. He has good court posture and displays big time confidence handling the rock.