Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Final Quarter Feat. Devon Bell

Many young players emulate NBA players when balling on the floor. Sometimes it might because of size, ball handling, passing or leaping ability. When I ask players to compare their games to NBA players I usually get the same names like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Garnett but this was the first time I heard Tyshaun Prince. Devon Bell from Voorhees, NJ mentioned Prince and I could see that southpaws stick together. I caught up with Bell at the Gym Rat Midnight Madness and this is what he had to say… This is the Final Quarter!

BS: How did you enjoy this event?
DB: It was great because the competition was very serious.

BS: Whose your favorite NBA player?
DB: Lebron James of the Cleveland Caviliers.

BS: What part of your game you need to improve on the most?
DB: Shooting, I think I could really improve in that area and it would help my game out tremendously.

BS: Who is the best player you ever faced on the court?
DB: Mike Gilchrist (St. Patrick’s), He’s a hard defender and knows how to get past you off the dribble. He’s very long and athletic.

BS: What’s your dream college right now?
DB: North Carolina because my favorite player is Michael Jordan.

BS: What’s your best memory so far in basketball?
DB: Last year when I played at the Gym Rats in Atlantic City. It was fun and had serious comp.

BS: How’s the biggest influence in your life?
DB: My mom because she takes full care of me.

BS: If you could have dinner with one person who would it be and why?
DB: I would pick Lebron James because I want to know if he’s really going to Europe.

0:00 Ball Game!