Friday, October 24, 2008

Cherry Hill's Double Trouble: The DE Persia's

Nick and Robert DE Persia
It must be fun playing on a basketball team with your twin brother. I never had the experience but I could imagine passing and scoring with your own flesh and blood. They have been many sets of twins to hit the hardwood in this area most recently the Morris Twins that are now at the University of Kansas. At the Gym Rat Midnight Madness I ran into another set of twins from Cherry Hill with the last name of DE Persia. Both players have some similarities but also bring some things different to the floor.

Robert whose nickname is “Dirt” is a gritty player that has a arsenal of offensive moves. He studies Steve Nash moves and tries to emulate the two-time MVP on the court. In school he loves attending Math class while also enjoys swimming. Robert also is the starting quarterback for his football team.

While “Dirt” loves penetrating with the rock Nick likes to burn you from the perimeter. Nicknamed “Nick The Quick” the other twin has a deadly jumper and shoots it with confidence. He also enjoys swimming and usually receives the rock from his brother while playing halfback. His favorite player is Kobe Bryant.